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HomeBringing Pets to the Bahamas

So, you want to come to the Bahamas but don't know what to do about your pet?  Here is some information that may help.

There are a couple of options when it comes to importing a pet to the Bahamas.  That’s right, you are technically importing a live animal and that comes with a few hurdles.

Option 1 is to navigate the process yourself.  Visit and select the "Non Residents" tab then "Visiting the Bahamas / Bringing Pets" and follow the instructions provided.  This is fairly time consuming and will have you making several stops to obtain a money order and to send documents via FedEx.  One of our RMHYC members has documented the process.  Click Here to see his explanation and notes.

Option 2 is to use a service that specializes in importing pets.  Some of our members recommend using Wellington at Bahamas Pet Permit.  This one stop shopping approach may be easier and less time consuming.

Don’t let your pet be an obstacle when coming to the Bahamas.  They love it here too!