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Emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance

No one ever plans to have a medical emergency but we should plan what to do if it does happen.  Although a certain level of medical care is available in the Bahamas, more complex issues will likely have you thinking about transport to the US for further treatment.  Air evacuation or transport for a medical emergency will in all likelihood be very expensive.  What to do?  Travel medical insurance might be the right choice for you.

Travel medical insurance comes in many forms and with widely varying benefits.  Some carriers offer multiple plans at various price points, each with a list of benefits, limits, and exclusions.  Others simply have a yearly membership which gets you everything they offer.  Below is a link to a Forbes Advisor web page that covers the subject in detail.  If you look around the Forbes Advisor web site you will find many other related pages too.

When shopping for travel medical insurance, the internet is both your friend and your nemesis.  You will find a lot of information quite easily by searching on Google.  The problem comes when you find too much information – too many companies, associations and organizations all vying for your attention and looking for you to spend your hard earned money with them.  Each will have their good and not so good points and perhaps none will be perfect.  Don’t let that discourage you.  Make a list of a few carriers and research each more closely until you find a winner.  You can also talk to your insurance agent or broker and see what they might have to offer.  This is not a “one size fits all” topic.  Each individual will need to assess their own needs and make the choice that is appropriate for them.