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RMHYC Member Update COVID 19

Susan Cope/Mary Coles | Published on 6/7/2020
June 2020

Covid Support
by Diane Cummings

When COVID-19 started to be taken seriously in the US early March, we had just arrived on Florida’s west coast for a month of cruising.  We were in Bradenton visiting very close friends, Sharon and Nick, who we met in the Bahamas in 2006, practicing social distancing and getting very concerned about the pandemic. 

We had plans to rendezvous with Scott and Mary (m/v Mascot) and Ken and Brenda (m/v Lady Caradoc).  Needless to say, our plans kept changing daily/hourly when we started to hear about stay-in-place orders, shutdowns, marina closings, flattening the curve, etc.  Our three boats get stored on the East Coast, and we began to get concerned about possible lock closings and unavailability of diesel fuel.

What really helped us get through this nightmare was the support we gave each other during our trip back to the east coast and the drive home from FL. 

We did rendezvous at Burnt Store Marina for three days, where we had social distancing happy hours and talked about the state of affairs.  Once we left the Marina, we separated, but were constantly in touch with each other; providing very helpful cruising information.  Sharon and Nick would check in with us regularly; providing pandemic updates that they were getting on TV.

All three boats arrived back in their East Coast boatyard around mid-March, had our boats hauled as soon as possible and started the dreaded drive home.  Ken/Brenda (Canada) and Scott/Mary (MA) started the drive ahead of us and kept us updated on road conditions and the status of rest areas as they moved North.  Once we started our drive to CT, four days later, they kept checking in.

None of us wanted to stop at a hotel. Mary/Scott drove nonstop to their home; Ken/ Brenda and us took a brief nap in our car.  All made it home safe and sound within two days.

We are so thankful for our friendships which were formed in the Bahamas over the past 13 years and look forward to them continuing for the rest of our life.  

Stay safe everyone!
John and Diane (m/v Duetto)

Duetto March 2020    Mascot March 2020
    Lady Caradoc Winter 2020    

How we handled Covid 19
by Shannon Gunn Latchem

During the recent “lock down” in Tulsa, I was prodded by a fellow artist and teacher to share my art. So every day for 21 days I hauled my easel to the street and wrote a small explanation describing the significance of the art to me. I paint for joy. I paint what inspires me and to help me remember the great places and people I have been so blessed to know. The neighborhood really rallied. People still stop me daily while I am walking and ask me what new paintings will be out. One father in particular comes by with his small son on a bike and very loudly comments that he wishes the nice lady would keep putting more paintings out, they missed them! I have gotten to know my neighbors much better. Whether they liked the art or not, they all appreciated the anticipated distraction and the effort.

I desperately miss my Tuesday painting group but have started painting alone. I realize through isolation I have grown more confident.

We leave for Alaska in a couple of weeks for a long duration.  That incredible state was home for more than 15 years.  I plan to hike and paint for the summer and fall.  We hope to someday return to the Bahamas and continue our adventure there.  There are so many more sunsets to paint.



Fish on Friday!
by Steve Koch

Steve Koch writes:
It was “Fish On Friday!” Thankful for a fish bag full of mahi mahi today. Thankful for the opportunity to share with fellow Bahamians needing fish to feed their families during this difficult time.

Traveling to our summer homes
by Susan Cope

Since RMHYC is a diverse group and hail from various parts of the US and Canada, we depart at various times to make our way to our summer homes. In some instances that involves repositioning the boat, sometimes several days or weeks of cruising. Many have land bases, leave their boats stored for the summer and drive home.

This year was particularly challenging due to Corona virus. No one was sure of what to expect on the roads or what they would find when they arrived at home. The daughter of one member provisioned and cooked for her parents, as well as another member returning home.

"I am very lucky indeed to have kind friends in the area who knew we would be tired after our long trip and told me I would find our dinner(s) in the refrigerator!”
S/V Valerie Arden

“With this heavy rain on the East Coast today, I am very grateful for Lisa Cummings Mayer's chicken soup warming on my kitchen stove. Thank you Lisa.”
S/V Valerie Arden

Covid 19 Distractions
by Kathy Conley

One of our members, Kathy Conley, was self isolated at Nettles Island Marina on a boat with her husband, John. She spent some of her time walking the property adjacent to the marina and was kind enough to post photos of the interesting sculptures that adorned the small yards in the communities. She forwarded some of them for our enjoyment.

by Ray Vallerie

Ray and Susie Vallerie were well positioned at the Harborage in Stuart. Because their boat was near the center of the docks, they frequently became the 5 o'clock cocktail boat for the group who gathered for conversation and beverages. They were able to continue socially distanced happy hours when things changed.

Ray writes. “attached is a picture of some of us during cocktail hour at the Harborage. This one was taken before social distancing, but we continued this all winter. We just stayed a little further apart. Everyone felt pretty safe as no one had been anywhere but on the docks. It was not the same as Boat Harbour, but we had fun anyway. If we do not go back to Boat Harbour in the fall, Susan and I would be happy to return to Harborage. The shopping in Stuart was fantastic. Everything, including dockage, was much less expensive, and the weather was fine.”


Thank you to all contributors!

Thank you Susan Cope for collecting thoughts and pictures from members bonding together in support of one another during unprecedented times.